Episode 73: Year in review 2017

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My annual review process is very simple – I ask myself “What went well?” and “What didn’t go well?” so that I can reflect on everything and take the lessons I learned into the upcoming year. In today’s episode, I’m sharing my answers to those questions for 2017.


  • How much my business revenue grew WITHOUT any new product launches – and what I spent most of my time doing instead (1:20)
  • My month of working only an hour a day during a major personal milestone (5:45)
  • The biggest productivity win this year (8:52)
  • What I did to help stop expenses from getting out of hand (13:55)
  • A sale and an advertising experiment that both flopped (16:21)
  • Why I’m not going to do live videos regularly (19:31)
  • Disappointing results from an audience survey (21:16)
  • One personal thing that I’d like to improve (23:50)
  • The central theme of 2017 (26:41)