Episode 20: Should you try new things, or stick with your strengths?

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There are three kinds of tasks in business: ones you love and are a natural at, ones you hesitate and make excuses not to do, and ones you absolutely hate. Should you stick with only the things you’re already good at, or should you force yourself to do the unpleasant stuff? Here are my thoughts on how we entrepreneurs can get outside our comfort zones – and 3 times I’ve done this in my own business, with surprising results.

  • “Say yes to the universe” vs. “Heck yeah or no” (2:45)
  • How to capitalize on your strengths (5:20)
  • What about things that are outside your comfort zone? (6:25)
  • The 3 things I’ve had to “stretch” in order to do (7:30)
  • The one-month challenge (11:30)
  • The no-thank-you portion (12:40)