Episode 21: Six failed business experiments before success – with Joseph Terndrup

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joseph-terndrupWhat really caught my eye about Joseph Terndrup’s story was the fact that he didn’t hit it out of the park on the first try – instead, he started SIX different businesses before ultimately finding a model that worked for him.

His “startup experiments” were in diverse areas, from advertising to online courses to house and car flipping. Why didn’t those things work for him, and how did he ultimately create a solid business? Find out in today’s episode.


  • How Joseph spent 2 years on an idea that ultimately flopped (1:30)
  • Using “startup experiments” to find what works (3:00)
  • Why is “founder fit” so important, and how does it feel? (7:00)
  • How he grew after getting the first clients in the door (10:00)
  • Making that big decision to let go of the day jobĀ (11:30)
  • What Joseph’s working on now – and the next step (16:00)
  • Joseph answers, “How can you tell if your business experiment is working or not?” (18:30)