Episode 82: Using intuition in your business – with Michaela Light

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One interesting question that you might not have considered is whether you tend to make decisions more with your head, with your rational mind, or more with your heart, your gut, or your intuition. This tendency can have a lot of repercussions not only in your business, but also in terms of your own well-being.

Today I’m talking with Michaela Light, the host of the Intuitive Leadership Podcast. She’s a very experienced entrepreneur and she has a lot to share about how using intuition can help you not only make better business decisions and better hires, but also bring more joy to your work.


  • How we can use our intuition to guide our business decisions
  • Tips for successful intuitive hiring
  • What Michaela’s business looked like before and after she started using her intuition
  • Michaela’s advice for anyone who’s hesitant or afraid to use intuition