Episode 35 – Real talk about online entrepreneurship – with Alexander Heyne

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Today I’m talking with Alex from ModernHealthMonk.com, a health and wellness site that helps people lose weight and get rid of chronic pain. Alex is one of my oldest mastermind partners, and we’ve been through a LOT of the messy “figuring it out” stage together.

In this interview, Alex describes how he built his online business through a long process of experimentation, and talks candidly about what worked and what failed in a big way. One strategy that succeeded for him was launching books on Amazon, and Alex lays out the launch strategy that turned his book into a best-selling passive income producer.


  • The ins and outs of content marketing (8:48)
  • The infoproduct dilemma: how to turn it into a truly sustainable business? (12:45)
  • Alex’s biggest growth lever – the 20% rule (16:05)
  • Surprising things that just never worked out for Alex’s business (20:00)
  • The Amazon launch strategy that generates royalties month after month (28:05)