Episode 26: How I track my time and money

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Tracking your time and money can help you make better use of two of your most important resources! In today’s episode I explain the super-simple, streamlined way I keep track of these two things on a day-to-day basis in my business – as well as how it helps me make better decisions and gives me more peace of mind.


  • If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you should be tracking (1:00)
  • The best tracking system is… (3:45)
  • Why I abandoned my time tracking software – and what works better (6:20)
  • How I do all my financials in just 30 minutes per month (14:55)

A typical month of spending for my business (5 years old):

  • $500 voiceovers by freelancers
    This is not every month; it varies project by project
  • $495 Mailchimp
    E-mail list of 100,000
  • $400 WPengine hosting
    Traffic of 700K+/month
  • $200 Google adwords retargeting
    I can adjust this up or down if needed
  • $140 shipping
    I send USB drives internationally to customers who buy my complete program
  • $120 podcast editor
    4 episodes/month
  • $110 accountant
    He runs payroll and will eventually do my tax prep
  • $90 amazon web storage
    I have a lot of large files stored there
  • $60 membermouse
    The system that controls access to my course website
  • $49 chatroll
    I use this for live chat during live webinars
  • $30 libsyn podcast hosting
  • $20 zapier
    I use this to “tag” customers of my courses as such inside my e-mail list
  • $10 motionmail countdown timer
    This is great for inserting working countdown timers in e-mails, during launches
  • $9 iconfinder
    I use these in YouTube thumbnails sometimes
  • $9 sendowl
    I use this for affiliate sales a couple times a year
    = $2,242/mo

Keep in mind that when I started, my budget was only about $150/month, and I was able to make it work… it has grown gradually!