Episode 55: When you’re not yet where you want to be

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One persistent feeling in the early years of entrepreneurship is the dissatisfaction of not yet being at the level you’d like to be. Whether it’s a revenue goal or a certain type of lifestyle, it’s frustrating to feel like you’re still so far away from what you’re aiming for. I recently faced this in my own life as I got “stuck” in a place where I didn’t ultimately want to live. This episode has three important tips for navigating the discouraging sense of “I’m just not there yet.”


  • Examples of how this feeling comes up in both business and life (1:22)
  • Why planning is essential, and flexibility almost equally so (5:30)
  • What if you reach your goal and you’re still not happy? (9:15)
  • How to actively seek out good things in your current season (14:04)