Episode 33: Consciously designing your business around your life – with Chichi Eruchalu

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Today’s guest is Chichi Eruchalu, who has an amazing story of burnout and recovery. When things became too much to handle, she made the bold decision to shut down her online coaching/consulting business. Six weeks later, she came back to it with a clear vision and strategy for designing her life and work – and has now built a healthy and successful business. Chichi also shares tips for gaining visibility in today’s crowded marketplace, talks about her experience going viral, and much more.


  • How Chichi evolved from being a VA to her current business (2:23)
  • Tips for gaining visibility in today’s crowded internet (6:00)
  • What happened when one of Chichi’s Facebook videos went viral (9:15)
  • Why Chichi shut down her business upon reaching burnout – and how she came back stronger (13:40)
  • Setting boundaries for designing your ideal business and life (20:00)
  • How Chichi accomplishes so much even with young children at home (24:55)