Episode 15: Building a Smart, Scalable Online Teaching Business with Elena Mutonono

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new-portraitElena Mutonono is a teacherpreneur who has successfully transitioned from 1-to-1 lessons into a more scalable business model – and now she helps other teachers to do the same. In this episode, she talks about how she pivoted her business strategy several times until finding a way to make sales while on vacation. Elena also shares tips for developing a smart e-mail marketing strategy that truly serves your audience.

  • How Elena lost 90% of her business… and bounced back (3:30)
  • How she faced and overcame “imposter syndrome” (6:43)
  • Why she niched down and how she differentiated from other similar courses (9:45)
  • The limitations of teaching online courses on Udemy (14:32)
  • How Elena helps teacherpreneurs with email strategy (17:15)
  • What her vacations were like before & after having e-mail automation (19:00)
  • Elena’s response to the common objection of “I don’t want to bother people by emailing them all the time” (21:10)
  • How to get to know your audience deeply (24:45)