Episode 57: How to choose between two different directions in your business

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A listener recently wrote to me with a dilemma – with two possible directions for her business, which one should she pursue? As entrepreneurs, we face decisions like this all the time. Here’s the advice I gave her on how to prioritize and where to spend her time and effort.


  • Why doing everything is a recipe for disaster (2:15)
  • A healthy way to split your time between two projects (6:36)
  • 5 factors to guide your selection of the #1 priority (8:40)
  • When to re-evaluate and possibly change tactics (11:56)


  • Hi Shayna! Thanks so much for featuring my question on your podcast and expanding upon the email you sent in response to my question. I’m often so narrowly focused that it’s hard to pull myself out of my project even for that one day a week, but you make a good point about Google – they must be doing something right! 😉 So, thanks for the great content and for the great feedback!

    • You’re welcome! As I thought more about it, I realized I’d faced similar situations many times in my own business… what I usually do is “go with my gut,” but I thought it might be helpful to talk about a few more parameters for those situations in which one’s intuition might not be leading especially strongly in either direction 🙂

      I totally understand about the narrow focus; I tend to get really into my work as well and want to push forward as fast as possible. But here’s a thought: sometimes the constraint of having one less day to work on your main project can actually make that 80% time even more efficient. When I’ve had time constraints due to other life stuff, I tend to use my limited time even more effectively and productively.