Episode 11: How my product launch strategy has evolved

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My first ever product launch was awful – just 3 sales at $9 each. At the time it was a huge downer, but looking back I can point out the exact mistakes I made.

Through iteration and experimentation, I now have a product launch strategy that works very well for my audience – and although I don’t believe there’s a “perfect” product launch formula, today I’ll share my exact sequence of launch e-mails and the rationale behind each message.

  • My first miserable attempt at a product launch (2:49)
  • The two cardinal sins I committed with the launch e-mail (5:37)
  • Improvements I made to my next launch (8:00)
  • Why I don’t believe there’s a perfect product launch formula (11:59)
  • The specific sequence of launch e-mails I use now, and the reason for each one (15:35)
  • The brand-new strategy I used that made me VERY uncomfortable, but was extremely popular (22:41)
  • What you should do if your product launch fails (28:59)