Episode 18: My basic, intermediate, and advanced e-mail marketing strategies

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E-mail marketing has been a HUGE factor in the success of my business – over 95% of my sales come from my e-mail list. I’ve been doing e-mail marketing from day 1, and I’ve evolved from a basic strategy, to an intermediate one, to an advanced and complex autoresponder today. Here are some e-mail marketing tips for entrepreneurs at all stages of business.

  • Entrepreneurs that bite off more than they can chew (1:20)
  • Why e-mail marketing is essential – and better than social media (2:25)
  • Basic email strategy – how often and what to e-mail them (4:40)
  • Intermediate level: My initial autoresponder (7:15)
  • The super-engaging first e-mail in my sequence (8:35)
  • Advanced: How I use “mini-series” (11:40)
  • 3 examples of my triggered e-mails (13:07)
  • Results from the year without launches (16:10)