Episode 45: Expanding your niche – with Christina Rebuffet

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You’ve done your research, you’ve narrowed down your niche, and you’ve created your product… but no one’s buying. Today’s guest is an English teacher named Christina who faced this frustrating situation.

In this interview, she tells the story of how she expanded her niche and adjusted her product packaging and branding. Christina also shares great tips for organizing your time when you have private clients, but you also want to create longer-term products.


  • Why nobody in Christina’s original target audience would buy her courses (4:00)
  • How Christina changed her mindset and strategy around her niche – and the results (10:10)
  • Finding out the most effective and appealing way to package your products to meet customer needs (14:58)
  • Balancing your schedule between one-on-one clients and creating products, courses, and group programs (21:05)