Episode 53: Creating your ideal life – with Lotanna Ezeogu

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What kind of life do you want to live? The simple act of asking this questions sets you apart from all the people who are living their lives on autopilot. Today’s guest is Lotanna Ezeogu, and she tells all about the steps she’s taken – and is continuing to take – in order to create her ideal life and business. Lotanna specializes in helping introverted entrepreneurs get better at networking, so she also shares some tips for connecting with others if you find that difficult.


  • How to build confidence to connect as an introvert (2:35)
  • Why Lotanna’s previous business was not in line with her ideal life (5:10)
  • Three levels of goals to aim for (12:30)
  • Dealing with other people who don’t “get” what you do (17:29)


  • Thanks for having me Shayna

  • Omotayo Henry

    Lotanna’s tips on starting conversations really do work! Going to get the book on vision exercise. Great stuff!

  • Asiodu Ndidi

    Very insightful conversation

    • Thanks for listening 🙂

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. In particular, I appreciated the suggestion to create three levels of goals as well as the idea that if you limit yourself to six hours of work (as in your ideal life), you may actually be *more* productive in those six hours. I’m in one of those intensive sprints of work right now, but when I get out of it, I want to put this into practice!

    • Yes! I’ve found that when my time is limited by external factors (a busy schedule, not much internet access for whatever reason) to a couple hours a day, I am INSANELY productive during those hours – and what’s even better, I’m able to relax more during the off-hours because I know I’ve accomplished a lot.