Episode 39: Running a successful juice bar without losing your sanity – with Chelann Gienger

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Today’s guest started her entrepreneurial journey early – at the age of 15! Chelann founded her current business – a juice bar in Yakima, Washington – at 18, and now, nearly two years later, she’s sharing her biggest challenges and breakthroughs.

In this episode, Chelann talks about how she intentionally created a strong brand identity and company culture. She also gives some practical tips for NOT letting your business completely take over your life, and talks about finding other entrepreneurs to relate to.


  • The challenge of dealing with what’s unexplored and unexpected in your first year of business (2:45)
  • How Chelann’s business survived and thrived where other local juice bars failed (6:15)
  • Specific things Chelann did to establish her brand both inside her company and among customers (9:30)
  • Chelann’s secrets for working hard, yet avoiding burnout (16:45)
  • Losing the ability to relate to other people your age – and how Chelann has dealt with that (20:30)