Episode 56: Fifteen tools I use in my online business

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It’s always fun to see behind the scenes and into the inner workings of someone’s business – so today I’m going to share 15 tools I use in mine. One warning – beware of tool overuse; don’t use a tool just because someone said it was cool. Experiment and find out what tools are right for YOU. Maybe you’ll find something useful in my list!


  • Christina Rebuffet

    Hi Shayna,

    Again, just wanted to say thanks for another very useful episode! Good job starting with a warning, because I too tend to get all excited about new tools (which then just turns to distraction as I try new things, but with no real method!)

    So today, I’m starting by implementing just ONE tool from your list, getting the hang of it, and then I’ll come back for the next one.

    I just signed up for followupthen, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome!

    What I’ve been doing in the past is just putting a note in my iCal, but then it gets filled up with “follow up to-do lists” and it looks messy (especially since I share my calendar with clients, using Acuity, another useful tool if for your listeners who book sessions with clients: you set your availability times, send clients a link, and let them pick the dates/times that suit them. No more “Are you available on…?” conversations!

    Followupthen will get rid of all those lists in my calendar, and it’ll probably save me time too! So thanks, timesavers are always good!

    Keep up the good work!!

    • Acuity is a great tool! A similar one is Calendly.

      Glad to hear you’re implementing followupthen; I think it’ll definitely help clear up your calendar 🙂

  • Darya Molchanova

    Thanks for amazing episode! Do you use WPengine for your videos too? I’m trying to find a way to organise an online course with pretty heavy videos in it, don’t you know any free hosting to begin with? thank you!

    • You’re welcome!

      So, hosting is pretty much always going to cost money, but the cheapest I know is Bluehost.com (and they are where I started out before later moving to WPengine).

      About videos, specifically, there are a couple options:
      – You could host them on the same server as your website (so you wouldn’t pay any extra than what you’re already paying for hosting)
      – I think some easy-to-use course systems like Teachable host the videos for you
      – Another option is to host the videos on Amazon web storage: it’s free up to 5 GB and for more than that there’s some cost, BUT it’s quite cheap compared to other places: https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/
      – You could host them on Vimeo.com (and choose the “Hide this video from Vimeo” option to make them totally private) and then embed them on your website
      – You could do the same thing on YouTube – make the video “unlisted” so that the public can’t find it, then embed the unlisted video on your site.