Episode 14: Only 3 ways to grow a business – and exactly how I use them

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I hate when successful entrepreneurs try to promote easy step-by-step “formulas” to grow a business. What works for one industry or business might not work for another; what worked in the past may not work now. Every business is unique, and we entrepreneurs have to experiment to find out what works best for US!

With that said, the “only 3 ways to grow a business” paradigm by Jay Abraham is really useful in sorting through the zillions of online business tactics and finding strategies you should use for the greatest impact in your business.

  • My main lead generation strategy (3:50)
  • What I focus on when I improve my sales pages (7:00)
  • How I use an “appetizer product” to drive conversions (8:06)
  • 3 to increase transaction value beyond price increases (10:24)
  • Getting customers to pay you over and over (17:15)
  • One thing a lot of entrepreneurs forget to do post-purchase (19:00)
  • Cutting through the noise of online business tactics (21:30)