Episode 19: Organizing a collaborative flash sale with Gabby Wallace

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gabby-headshot-1Gabby Wallace believes in collaboration, not competition. She organized a one-week “flash sale” with several other online English teachers – and not only were 400 packages sold to delighted customers, but the sale also supported an educational charity.

Listen to Gabby share how she organized the sale, what she learned and changed in the 2nd (and about to be 3rd) time around, and flash-sale marketing strategies that work.


  • How Gabby went from idea to successful super-sale in only a month (2:00)
  • What kept her up at night during the first sale (5:15)
  • What she learned and changed before the second sale (7:45)
  • How the sale also contributed to charity (10:15)
  • Marketing strategies for a flash sale (12:00)
  • How can you apply a flash sale in other areas? (14:15)

Gabby’s bio:

Leveraging years of teaching experience and a passion for helping people connect, Gabby Wallace created the YouTube channel and online school Go Natural English, now with over 250,000 subscribers and 12 million views. She is a TEDX speaker and has been featured in Yahoo! Travel for running her business while traveling the world.