Episode 17: Expert podcasting and copywriting tips with Laura Petersen

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laura-petersen-headshotLaura Petersen started a local tutoring and test prep company – and after some trial and error, she was able to find great clients and grow the business into a success. Nowadays she’s involved in podcast marketing and copywriting, and has a ton of GREAT strategies to share!

  • How Laura started her tutoring and test prep company (2:30)
  • The advertising idea that actually brought in the wrong clients (6:30)
  • How Laura built relationships that led to better business (8:20)
  • What’s Laura’s role now that the company has matured? (11:00)
  • How to grow your podast and get interviewed on others’ shows (15:55)
  • Why good copy is essential to every website (20:20)
  • Mini master class on 6 tips for improving your copy yourself (21:54)