Episode 58: Four steps to figure out when to persist vs. when to quit

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A listener wrote in with a great follow-up question to Episode 55 – “How do you know if your business is growing enough to keep going?” If things seem slow, does it mean you just need to keep hustling… or does it mean your business is actually a dud?

This was the #1 thought I struggled with during my early years of business – and today, now with more experience and hindsight, I can give you a four-step process that will bring you clarity about whether or not to continue fighting for your business (or a project within it).


  • How to do a numerically-based analysis of your progress (2:42)
  • Three places where you should gather useful and brutally honest feedback (8:49)
  • Formulating a plan and evaluating your willingness to implement it (13:37)
  • Questions to ask when considering killing a product or project within your business (17:26)