Episode 61: How and why I’m changing my growth strategy

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After nearly six years of growing my business with one main strategy, I’m changing my focus! Why mess with something that’s working? Listen to this episode to learn the rationale behind it, and find out where I’m planning to go from here.


  • Two reasons why my former strategy grew the business so well… and why continuing it would be counterproductive (3:06)
  • Pivot points that you WILL encounter as an entrepreneur (6:25)
  • Getting back to – and improving – one of my original growth strategies (8:55)
  • Specific ways I’m trying to improve my conversions (12:35)
  • How I would do a monthly membership program differently this time (17:11)


  • Stephen Leung

    hey shayna, I noticed that you said you had a high cart abandon rate, and are using adwords retargeting.

    Not sure if you are using Facebook for retargeting as well? I’m a FB ads guys, and hope I’m not imposing, but if you need any help in this area, I’d be more than happy to lend a hand 🙂

    Also beside cart abandon Xdays retargeting, in Facebook you can also do a retargeting funnel, with the top being your free content (blog visitors, viewers of videos >X%, etc) and retarget relevant products ads to them … for products in the 2-digit range, I think that’d be a very effective strategy. Also perhaps retargeting single product buyers with bundles would be great strategy as well 😀

    Anyways, hit me up with a DM on FB messenger if anything I can help with! More than happy to provide any help, in return for your contribution with this podcast and everything!

    • You know, that’s a really good call! I’m not sure why I’ve neglected to use FB.

      I just set up the pixel… now I’ll wait a little while for it to collect data, then try implementing a retargeting campaign. Thanks for offering to help, I’ll let you know if I have any questions!