Episode 70: Effective copywriting for audiences that don’t want to read 10,000 words

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Advice from typical copywriting gurus involves writing loooong sales pages, often with detailed personal stories or tugs on the reader’s heartstrings… but this isn’t appropriate for all audiences (including mine). Today I’ll give you 5 specific principles that you can use to create convincing copy for any prospect.


  • A simple and effective 3-step structure for your copy (3:30)
  • How to choose specific and effective words (5:12)
  • “Show, don’t tell” – different ways to do this (9:19)
  • The right way to use testimonials (13:35)
  • A copy challenge you can try today (15:11)


  • Andrés Yuyo Berte

    It’s interesting to see how there no universal rule for how long a copy should be. You make a great point showing that it’s audience-dependent.
    Also, even person-dependent. I have a friend that prefers to read long books while I prefer posts and podcasts, for the same topic (entrepreneurship).
    Thanks Shayna!

    • You’re welcome! And good point about it being person-dependent – that’s one reason why I do both a video and text on my sales pages, since some people prefer to watch and others prefer to read. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode 🙂

  • Susan Brodar

    Great advice, thanks! I especially liked your example with Minaal because I’m terribly difficult to convince when it comes to bigger investments, yet Minaal is so clear, concise and highlights it’s qualities so well, as you illustrated, that I was hooked from the start and a year & a half later actually bought their bigger product. It’s all about simplicity and style so that a prospect can see all the advantages for him in a simple, even written ‘picture’.