Episode 52: One year of podcasting and a 5-year retrospective

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This episode marks one year since I started Entrepreneurs in Motion! Today I’m sharing three things that are on my mind regarding this podcast. I also look back at the past 5 years of my main business, sharing some excerpts from my journals and e-mails so you can see how my work and my mindset have evolved.


  • Why I’m still producing this podcast, even though it’s not easy (3:34)
  • The mental battles that happen even after you start making money (7:30)
  • What I really wish I’d done in year 2 (10:49)
  • Three big breakthroughs by the end of year 3 (12:42)
  • The tension between working and living – and how it eventually resolved (15:15)
  • Why I’m not quite sure how to grow my business further (18:23)