Episode 122: Tips from a million-dollar online course creator – with Daniel Walter Scott

I’m really excited to bring you today’s interview because it was such a great conversation. My guest is Daniel Walter Scott, and he is making over a million dollars a year teaching online courses that are low-cost (like less than $100) and high-volume, mainly focusing on software tutorials. So if you, like me, do not sell a premium-priced product, like a $2000 program or a $1000/month piece of software, you will find Daniel’s story fascinating.

I’ve actually split the interview into two parts; today’s episode is going to focus more specifically on the world of online courses – how Daniel distributes his courses to thousands of students, how he uses both a one-time purchase AND a monthly subscription model, and what has worked for him in terms of getting more students and customers.

And next week we’re talking more broadly about the business side of things and entrepreneurship in general, so definitely stay tuned for that.