Episode 47: Challenges and wins of growing your audience while living a busy life – with Paul Fontanelli

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Today we have an update to the listener case study featured in Episode 23. Paul Fontanelli of PhotographyTV.com fills us in on how he’s been growing his following on social media through experimentation and collaboration. We talk about what has worked, what has been a dead end, and how Paul plans to move forward. He also shares some great insight into striking the right balance between work, business, and family.


  • Paul shares specific numbers for his audience growth – and how he achieved them (3:00)
  • The key change Paul made to the content strategy for his YouTube channel (8:18)
  • Three different types of collaborations to grow your audience (15:40)
  • Practical tips for juggling work, business, and family without becoming miserable (23:13)
  • The challenge of monetization (27:52)