Episode 101: Should you work with a business coach? – with Christina Rebuffet

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My guest today, Christina, was on the podcast a little over a year ago in episode 45, when she was talking about expanding her niche beyond her original target audience in order to get more buyers. Since then, Christina’s made a ton of progress – and she attributes a lot of it to the coaching programs she’s joined.

In this conversation, we talk about why Christina started working with coaches and how she got into the mindset to make the leap and invest in coaching, as well as the changes and breakthroughs she’s experienced in her business. If you’ve ever been on the fence about hiring a business coach, you’re going to find this interview quite illuminating.


  • Why Christina started working with a coach, and what finally got her to take the plunge
  • Impact of the coaching in Christina’s business
  • Christina’s tips for finding a good coach and getting the most out of the experience